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DADOquartz: The World’s Most Luxurious Bathtub and Basin Material

With the promise of a lifetime guarantee, DADOquartz prides itself as the only South African manufacturer of quartz stone bathtubs and basins. Made from the African soil means that the bathtub and basin can proudly withstand the African climate. With a product that is solid through and through, DADOquartz bathtubs and basins are 100% UV resistant, non-porous and easy to clean. Whether you’re looking to install an outdoor bathtub or a premium master bathroom bathing experience, these flawless arrangements are not just the beautiful centrepieces to your bathroom, DADOquartz products promise to remain beautiful and pristine for a 25-year long lifetime.


Just like Africa, DADOquartz bathtubs are strong and resilient. Made from the fourth-strongest mineral in the world, DADOquartz material gives their basins and DADOquartz bathtubs exceptional hardness, distinguishing longevity with a lifetime warranty and a lifetime of luxury. High quality durability, a silky-smooth satin finish and effortlessly elegant lines. DADOquartz freestanding bathtubs and basins are 100% Solid throughout. DADOquartz bathtub and basins do not add layers, coatings or finishing’s to any product. All DADOquartz products are individually finished by hand for a truly smooth and refined natural stone feel. Their proudly South African product is backed by their proudly South African promise – Timeless luxury.


DADOquartz bathtubs have a natural matte stone appearance and is silky smooth to the touch. The pride of any homeowner, DADOquartz becomes family. It’s an African beauty that cannot be imitated. Each DADOquartz bathtub is paired with two matching freestanding basins to effectively balance out décor elements and bring a wholeness to your bathroom space.