Custom units:

Our custom-made mixers incorporate brass compression fittings. These are tightened at the factory before shipment, however they stand a chance of being disturbed in shipment. Please ensure all fittings are tight to prevent leaking.


Our products are finished in any of the following colors or combination thereof:

    Antique Brass
    Matt Black
    Aged Copper

Clear coat:

At Victorian Side Bathrooms we apply a clear coat to the majority of our polished products, these products range from brass antiques and ornaments to our range of domestic taps and accessories. The finishes on our products that are coated include brass, copper, antique bronze, and brushed nickel. The clear coat we apply is a solvent based acrylic single pack paint. It is fact that these paints are porous once cured. It is due to this fact that multiple coats are applied in order to seal the base metal.

Product care instructions:

A soft cloth to wipe the product down is all that is required. Use of any aggressive cleaning products

or sourer will result in damage to the clear coat. Any damage to the clear coat will result in a premature tarnishing of your product.