Perrin & Rowe

If there is a single characteristic that defines Perrin & Rowe, it is their obsession with quality. The best way to achieve the highest possible standards is to manufacture in small atches, using skilled craftsman to cast and finish each component to leave the factory, by hand. All brassware is cast at Perrin & Rowe’s foundry in the Black Country, the heartland of British heavy industry. After machining and polishing by hand, each individual tap is assembled, tested and packed at the headquarters in Rainham, on the edge of East London in Britain.

The range of handcrafted accessories, which are made in the same UK foundry as the brassware, will allow you to create cohesive, timeless designs, which will keep you in awe for years to come. Offering a range of not only Kitchen-mixers, but also Bath and Basin  mixers, even the smallest of spaces can be enhanced with thoughtful design throughout your home. Quality, Performance, Simplicity and a striking design is what singles out Perrin and Rowe above all competitors.
Perrin and Rowe know that the only people more obsessed with quality than them are their customers, and this is what makes them the finest in all of England.

Victorian side is a supplier / stockist of Perrin & Rowe, the world’s finest range of bathroom and kitchen fittings, proudly designed and manufactured in the UK. Established in 1978, Perrin & Rowe today is one of the largest manufacturers of authentic kitchen and bathroom products in Great Britain.

What makes this brand unique from any other tap manufacturer is that the products are not mass produced and all brass ware are assembled by hand and each tap is individually water-tested. All Perrin and Rowe products are individually manufactured from the highest quality of raw materials in their own factories in the UK and are hand polished and packed to perfection to ensure peace of mind.