Taps & Mixers

Custom Made Taps:
This is where Victorian Side Bathrooms has made its mark!! We are constantly developing, designing and manufacturing products for the industry. For the discerning Architects we purpose make to meet there demands. lodges and bushveld environment have had a special place in our heart when it comes to ‘’blending in ‘’ with nature (natural brass and copper combinations to best suite most needed requirements) we are able to supply ANY TAP ANY COLOUR –which means the Standard Ranges of our Taps and Mixers  can then also naturally blend in with best suited colour of choice.

Victorian side is the preferred choice of solid brass taps and mixers custom made units or even just basin accessories out of copper piping and brass backing plates make sure when Compering our products to other that you do a “Apples with Apples” when comparing.
With our wide range of Victorian, Vintage or even Retro Styled Tap we offer from 5 year to 15-year Guarantee on them, Spare are locality available and easy to get and install. Otherwise our Back-Up service is reliable, we always would like to help out where we can.
When is come to colour finishes you or your client are spoiled for choices because all our taps are solid brass we offer 8x Bespoke finishes e.g. Antique Brass, Aged Copper, Matt Black, Brushed Nickel, Bright Nickle, Bright Copper and Bright Brass “Gold”

Our range of modern taps are in a class of their own, Solid brass modern styled finished taps. The Complete Individual by Vado comes with a 15-year Guarantee and receiving the highest rewards and accolades in UK.
The Individual by Vado has 4 ranges to there collection and all have them can be done in the 4x PVD Coated finishes e.g. Bright Gold, Brushed Nickel, Brushed Black and best-selling finish Brushed Gold and all do come in the standard chrome finish as well.
VADO is a leading British bathroom brassware manufacturer providing high quality Solid Brass taps, showers, accessories and fittings to customers across the globe.
About the PVD coating:
Physical Vapor Deposition, or PVD, is a vacuum coating process that produces a decorative and functional finish. PVD utilizes a titanium nitride that provides an extremely durable coating.  PVD coatings are more resistant to corrosion from sweat and regular wear and tear. Even more than gold plating.

When we think traditional its all about classic comforts of a bygone era.

The references given can be Victorian Taps, Vintage Taps, Classic Taps, Old Time Bathroom taps, Traditional Taps to name but a few, We at Victorian Side Bathrooms have a good wide range of quality styles Victorian, Vintage Taps to suite your dream bathrooms we offer 8x Bespoke fnishes and can do all fittings and accessories to finish off your bathrooms look.