SHAWS of Darwen first started out on Valentine’s Day 1897 in a quiet corner of North West England. Their vision was to make the finest handcrafted fireclay sinks in the whole of England.
Today the sinks are still handcrafted using the same process unchanged for 120 years, at the exact same premises.Today SHAWS carries a worldwide reputation for craftsmanship, quality and durability of their unique artisan products. Sourced clay from England and water are mixed and poured by hand into moulds to dry.

Each sink is handcrafted, inspected and imprinted with the name stamp of the master craftsman on the bottom to add a personal guarantee of quality.
After this process, the sink is glazed and fired to temperatures of 1200°C for 48 hours. Two of these layers are applied to every SHAWS sink to produce a smoother and hard-wearing glaze which is typically 2-4 times thicker than sinks made by other manufacturers. Because the sinks are handmade, the sinks are completed in anything between three to four weeks in total.

SHAWS sinks are Durable, Robust, Practical and expertly glazed and fired which makes them anti-bacterial and both stain and acid resistant.
All SHAWS fireclay products are handcrafted for life – and yours to treasure for years to come!

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