Aged Copper

Aged Copper Finish:
At Victorian Side Bathrooms we specialise in various colour finishes (Any tap Any Finish) is a motto of ours is that  we have become well known for -Top Quality and Solid Brass- backed up with 30 years of experience and best service practices - make our taps stand out against the crowd.
Aged Copper a beautiful rustic natural look to the products Aged Copper is first copper plated and then chemically aged to create the final rustic old look the colour finished Aged Copper is also a low maintenance and very durable finish that can handle the outside environment e.g. beach houses, holiday houses and even residential home this finish would for sure impress your guest and family members. Also having the peace of mind that the item has a 15-Year Guarantee and when needed we will always have the spares -full back up service.
Aged Copper finish or known as Rustic Rose Gold is the natural look when copper is left un-attended

Our lead times are 10 to 14 working days this insurance that when we are doing custom work for a client that all items get pressure tested to make sure nothing is leaking, and basic installation is just needed to install the fittings. At Victorian Side Bathrooms we also do matching finish to shower hinges and handles to finish off your bathrooms look if the fittings or mixer are solid brass (if the base is solid brass) we can match the items up.


VADO - Vic-Side - Tap - Stop Tap - Aged Copper
VADO - Vic-Side - Tap - Stop Tap - Aged Copper
R 1,100.00
VAT incl