More about our products


We understand that the foundation of any successful project starts with strong and long-lasting components. Because of this need, our commitment to materials of high standards and high quality is our top priority.

As a result, we have expanded our market from the local Cape Town area to country wide. We service private - and business sector like lodges, hotels and guesthouses via exported of our quality products throughout the southern continent and beyond.

The regions like Namibia. Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia and through the coast of Mozambique has a unique demand for our ranges of brass taps, coper basin exposed showers and the like. Our product development has well been suited to all the lodges and game farms in the bushveld environment. As nature lovers and of the outdoor environment – we have developed as we have experienced the beauty thereof.

All our taps have a 15-year guarantee and full backing of spare parts if needed, don't be fooled by cheap Chinese imported products.

We stock an impressive selection of hardware and building materials that are ISO rated and WRAS approved. If we do not have a product, know that Victorian Side Bathrooms prides itself in going the extra mile when it comes to procuring everything a customer requires – no matter how difficult.

Sourcing the best of products gives our customers access to quality. We stock renowned brands such as Vado, Victoria & Albert, Dado